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But really, it's no joke.

In search of sustainable living, we found ourselves pushing the limits of our imagination and ingenuity. 


We knew we wanted to adopt a lifestyle that would use a minimalistic approach to help us travel and embrace more of the joys and experiences that the world has to offer. Searching for an affordable and mobile home solution lead us to consider converting a retired school bus into our new home. A “Skoolie” as those in the community would call it.


The idea truly seems crazy at first. Living in Canada, the first thing people ask is ‘how will we even survive the cold?’. That is why we are building  NOT A REGULAR SKOOLIE


Our Skoolie has been designed and built to exceed the demands of our harsh climates, while providing all the comforts of a traditional home. Including solar electricity and a composting toilet system, our conversion will focus on off-grid solutions to help lead the way for a better tomorrow.

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