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Making sure we don't freeze in our Skoolie

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

It's simple really. We live in Canada and staying warm during winter is essential. With freezing pipes, batteries and other components, meeting the demands of our harsh climate is a bigger challenge than most face when converting their bus. The requirements from our heat sources and insulation are much higher than that of a regular Skoolie.

Adjusting to our insulation needs is relatively simple at the cost of space in our bus. By building thicker walls, we are able to have more insulation. This will unfortunately make our bus slightly narrower by about 8 inches. As much as we would like to keep that space to open the bus more, that's just the design cost of Canadian living.

Ensuring our heat was up to the challenge was a combination of strategies to provide comfort and protect against freezing.

With sustainability in mind, we absolutely had to have our mini wood stove. The heat and comfort is incomparable and very well complimented by the adorable charm of the stove. Featuring an add-on roaster oven, we will be able to get the most out of this unit by reducing cooking electricity. This is especially important during the winter when solar hours are low.

For added insurance, we have gone above the standard need with our diesel heaters. Utilizing three heaters, with double fuel tanks each, will allow for an even temperature control throughout the various compartments of our bus. At the same time, this will guarantee heat while no one is home or awake to maintain a fire during the night. The extra heaters will also provide a back up in case of emergency or a failure of up to two heaters. They also take advantage of a shared fuel tank system, which increases runtime without refuelling.

Having the option of more than one fuel source for heat is priceless versatility on the road and off the grid. Relying on one option can sometimes leave you in an unfavourable situation that could have been avoided with planning. Hopefully, we are now more than ready for whatever comes our way.


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