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Skoolie composting for the win!

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

When designing our Skoolie, choosing a toilet system was one of our biggest concerns. We wanted it all without any compromises. A toilet that felt normal but also cared for the environment.

With so many similarities between a Skoolie and an RV, it's near impossible to not reference an RV’s designed and build for input. Their simple toilet and black water holding tank design is efficient and completely effective for the purposes of a Skoolie. The only problem was that this just didn't meet our environmental criteria.

Carrying around a tank full of waste that would need regular emptying and cleaning was just not appealing to us. This option would bring us back closer to the grid while not providing a natural way to dispose of the waste.

In search of a better alternative, we found our system amongst the many composting options that are beginning to rise in popularity. Different models come with their own pros and cons, so finding a fit for our needs and wants was hassle free. Dumping fertilizer less frequently then raw sewage was all the convincing we needed to go compost.

Many of the more popular choices are self-contained units, which feature a composting system built right into the base of the toilet. These are great options for their simplicity and size but did not meet our goal of a normal feeling toilet. The units resemble an RV or boat porta-potty and are missing that “like home” comfort.

To find our system, we had to redirect our attention to full-size home models over the smaller units. Utilizing a low flush toilet and a separate composting unit, this choice provided us with the environmental focus that we wanted and the look and feel we hoped for. The larger composter requires less maintenance for an added bonus.

Featuring upgrades such as a heated evaporation tray and an exhaust fan, this unit will ensure proper composting while eliminating all odours and excess liquids.

The low cost of these units compared to sewage and septic sytems, on top of the efficiency and environmental sustainability, should make us reconsidered our residential systems. It seems as though social conditioning is one of the biggest roadblocks. The most popular negative reviews for composting toilets are that they are "gross" to too many.

Our desire for sustainability didn't end there though. To compliment our composter, we have switched over to biodegradable bamboo toilet pamper. Bamboo produces more O2 than trees, grows faster, harvests faster, uses no harsh chemicals and even the packaging is recyclable. Another affordable product that should make us consider our responsibility as consumers. The purchases we make impact the world more than we realize.


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