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Rust converter, our Skoolie life saver

Our only disappointment is that we didn't know about this product sooner!

Rust converters are chemical solutions or primers that can be applied directly to an iron or iron alloy surface to convert iron oxides (rust) into a protective chemical barrier. These compounds interact with iron oxides, converting them into an adherent black layer that is more resistant to moisture and protects the surface from further corrosion.

Where we live, our vehicles take some serious winter abuse from the snow and road salt. So much that rust is normally what ends the life of our cars. Surprisingly, the amount of rust our bus had is considered low for 13 years on our roads. It may have looked rough, but it was mostly surface. Nothing the rust converter couldn't handle.

The key to surviving rust is proper care. Both preventative and repairing.

To repair the existing rust, it is crucial to remove as much of it as possible, along with dirt and other build ups. Sanders and wire brushes work great here. The professionals are equipped with sand blasters to remove about 99.9% of it. It is after this cleaning process that any rust converting should take place. It is important to read your instructions for any extra information, as many of these products require a minimum temperature.

Once cleaned, and the rust converted, you are ready for paint. By applying an oil-based paint, the surface is now being sealed and protected against future moisture and rust. Grease undercoatings can be applied annually to exposed areas for additional protection.

It's hard to say just how many more years this will help our bus survive, but it for sure will be a whole lot longer than if we had left the rust uncared for. Our bus just got a second life and we plan to take care of it.

Don't forget these are chemicals. Be safe and always use protective gear with all your projects.


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