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Let's make more room in this Skoolie

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

The Skoolie lifestyle is, without a doubt, a minimalistic one. With such little space to accommodate every part of your life, getting every bit of extra storage you can is vital.

While the 24-inch roof raise provides additional comfort in the living space and some additional overhead storage, we still needed a larger storage option for some of our bigger items.

As a couple, we enjoy power-sports but unfortunately those toys are pretty big. Not wanting to give up our hobbies, we quickly raced to the drawing board to find a solution. We needed to figure out how to incorporate a toy-hauler into our Skoolie.

At first, we thought about trying to cram a drift car into the back of our bus. The idea quickly faded though, as it was just too big and would exceed the limits of extending the bus. As a compromise, we decided the car could simply be towed on a trailer behind the bus. After all, we still have other toys to bring with us.

With the car out of the way, we had a much simpler task of downscaling our extension idea to accommodate two small motorcycles. Respecting the dimension guidelines provided by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation we where now in business.

Gaining space both backwards and upwards, our floor plan will now be able to accommodate a small garage in the back for two motorcycles, tools and our drift simulator. Additional living room space will also be made by pushing our bed further back into the extension.

In a Skoolie, every inch counts.


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