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Every Skoolie needs a portable power station

Wether you are planing to be off-grid or using shore power when docked, you will need need batteries. The worst part is, batteries are not cheap.

We use power for just about everything in our day-to-day lives and disconnecting from it can be very challenging. Both building and living in a Skoolie requires power but having a supply away from outlets is a real struggle for nomads.

Big solar power systems are very pricey which often means they are one of the later upgrades in a Skoolie. Until then, the next best thing is a portable power station and solar panel to charge it.

The versatility of these devices is amazing! Coming with a built-in inverter and available in different sizes, these batteries offer real power wherever you need it.

When building our Skoolie, we used our Bluetti power station to power all our tools and more. We where not fortunate enough to be building our Skoolie indoors like some lucky others, but we still managed outside with our power station there to keep us going.

Now full time living in our Skoolie, our Bluetti is still getting use every day to power our fridge, tv, computer, phones and more. It’s honestly amazing just how much you can run from these batteries.

Pairing these portable power stations with a solar panel is really the way to go. Recharging your battery daily, off-grid and for free can’t be beat. We love our Eco-Worthy folding panel for its portability. And in a pinch, when we are away from an outlet on rainy days, we recharge our Bluetti from the cigaret lighter with our bus being the generator.

Wether it’s for daily use or emergencies, a portable power station is never a bad thing to have around. Requiring no wiring, easy electricity couldn’t get simpler. It’s the reassurance every Skoolie needs.


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